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  • Teckel blaffen

    Teaching your Dachshund to Bark Less

    Do you have a dachshund that loves to bark? The barking of a dachshund can be quite annoying, especially because of the high-pitched, sharp sound this little breed can make. Whether you have a kaninchen dachshund, a miniature dachshund, or a standard dachshund, they all bark. But luckily, the amount of barking can be reduced. …

  • Blue Merle Teckel

    Blue Merle Dachshunds – A Blue Dachshund Variant with Risks…

    The Blue Dachshund is bred as Kaninchen Dachshund, Miniature Dachshund, and Standard Dachshund. Other names and variations of the Blue Merle Dachshund include: Tiger Dachshund Choco Tiger Dachshund Silver Tiger Dachshund Chocolate Tiger Dachshund Red Tiger Dachshund The Choco Dachshund has a gray or light blue nose and often dark, medium-sized blue eyes. Blue Merle …

  • waarom trillen teckels

    Why do dachshunds tremble?

    As a dachshund owner, it can sometimes be frightening to see your dog trembling. It is important to know that there can be various reasons for this, and it is not always a sign of a serious medical condition. In this article, we will discuss why dachshunds tremble, what symptoms may occur, and how you …

  • Beeztees hondenmand yura

    Our Experience with the Beeztees Yura Dog Bed

    Our dachshund Sep, now 5 years old, has unfortunately developed some hernia-like symptoms over the past few years. A good dog bed is therefore very important for him. In September 2023, we got a second dachshund. So, we needed to find a dog bed that would fit both of them comfortably and provide Sep with …

  • Tiny house met hond

    Our Tiny House Experience – The Best Nature Cottage with a Dog

    Last autumn, we chose an adventure in a tiny house at EuroParcs in Belfeld, along with our loyal four-legged friend, Sep. This experience gave us an unforgettable stay, which we look back on with great pleasure. In this article, we also share our best photos from this fantastic weekend getaway in Limburg with our dog. …

  • Beste buikdrager voor honden

    Our Experience with the Best Dog Carrier Sling

    A dog carrier sling is a type of bag or sling designed to carry small dogs or puppies close to the owner’s body. These carriers are similar to baby slings but are adapted for dogs. Dog carrier slings are handy for transporting dogs during walks, trips, or in situations where it is difficult or unsafe …

  • apoquel voor honden

    The Best Alternatives to Apoquel for Dogs

    Apoquel for dogs is a game-changer for some dog owners. It provides relief for dogs struggling with that annoying itch and allergies. In this blog, we will take a closer look at what Apoquel actually does, but we will also remain critical. We will examine alternative treatments so that you, as a dog owner, can …

  • Hond blaffen afleren bij deurbel

    The Ultimate Tip for When Your Dog Barks at the Doorbell

    Every dog owner knows the unbearable barking when the doorbell rings. We have two dachshunds and lived in a very noisy apartment before the summer of 2023. Every time the doorbell rang, we got stressed out, and so did our neighbors because of all the barking. We put in a lot of effort to train …

  • blonde teckel

    Blonde Dachshunds

    Blonde dachshunds, also known as the “English cream dachshund,” are one of the most popular varieties of dachshunds. They are small, playful dogs loved by many dog enthusiasts for their soft fur, charming appearance, and adorable personality. In this article, we will share more about the blonde dachshund and why it is so special compared …

  • Our experience with the probiotic supplements from DogSuppy

    In this article, we share our experience with DogSuppy products. Our dachshund has been using DogSuppy products for over a month now. We have two dachshunds, one of which (Sep) had developed significant issues with atopy. Our veterinarian recommended Apoquel. We then started looking for a natural alternative and found DogSuppy’s probiotic supplements. It has …

  • Teckel jas grijs

    A Dachshund coat – An absolute must in the winter

    Is a dachshund coat essential in the winter? When you have a dachshund, you will notice in the autumn that this breed gets cold quickly. Our dachshund, Sep, starts shivering and trembling regularly around October, when the temperature during the morning and evening walks is already quite cold. For us, this is the sign that …

  • Adele Teckel

    Famous Dachshund Owners: A Surprising History

    De teckel is een geliefde hond. Wat je misschien niet wist is dat er veel beroemdheden trotse teckeleigenaren zijn en waren.