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  • Beeztees hondenmand yura

    Our Experience with the Beeztees Yura Dog Bed

    Our dachshund Sep, now 5 years old, has unfortunately developed some hernia-like symptoms over the past few years. A good dog bed is therefore very important for him. In September 2023, we got a second dachshund. So, we needed to find a dog bed that would fit both of them comfortably and provide Sep with …

  • Beste buikdrager voor honden

    Our Experience with the Best Dog Carrier Sling

    A dog carrier sling is a type of bag or sling designed to carry small dogs or puppies close to the owner’s body. These carriers are similar to baby slings but are adapted for dogs. Dog carrier slings are handy for transporting dogs during walks, trips, or in situations where it is difficult or unsafe …